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  • Makilla Gorilla is a potent hybrid magic mushroom strain resulting from a combination of the DC Melmak and Albino Penis Envy strains. It’s known for its large stature, unique appearance, and powerful effects.

VVonka Farms Makilla Gorilla Magic Mushrooms: The 101 

Makilla Gorilla is among the latest types of magic mushrooms, and trust us, they’re different from anything you’ve ever had before.

These shrooms are super strong and bring a mind-bending experience that stands out from the rest.

What makes the Makilla Gorilla so special? It’s all about where they come from. This strain mixes two powerhouses: DC Melmak and Albino Penis Envy (APE).

Both these strains are famous on their own. So, imagine combining them? It’s next-level! Want the details on this BULK Makilla Gorilla magic mushroom? Keep reading.

Origin Story of Makilla Gorilla Shrooms

The tale of Makilla Gorilla goes back to the 70s. While this strain might be new, its roots definitely aren’t.

Its parent strains both trace back to the legendary Penis Envy (PE), first discovered in the 1970s. PE strains pack a serious punch and are among the most potent.

Fast forward a bit, and a company named Homestead took PE and created a big, bold variant named Melmac in the 80s. This Melmac shroom was reborn recently and became super popular.

Then there’s this genius named DC, who made Melmac even better. He made it bigger and stronger, giving us the DC Melmak strain.

Add in Albino Penis Envy (APE)—a top favorite for many because it’s strong, easy to grow, and has this cool white color.

Someone thought, “Why not mix these two?” Boom! That’s how we got Makilla Gorilla.

What Does Makilla Gorilla Look Like?

Honestly, it’s a beauty. Fresh or dry, this strain always looks impressive.

In its fresh state, these shrooms grow super tall and fat. Regular PE shrooms have small caps, but Makilla Gorilla’s caps? They’re massive and can sometimes even have these cool wavy edges.

Although it doesn’t keep the white colour from the APE parent, it’s got this nice light brown to golden shade on its caps.

You might spot some blue or green spots on your dried Makilla Gorilla shrooms. Don’t stress – it’s just natural bruising, kind of like when bananas get those brown spots. It doesn’t change the quality or strength.

Feeling the Makilla Gorilla Effect

Ready for a ride? That’s what you’re in for with Makilla Gorilla. The visuals are like nothing else—think wild colours, crazy patterns, and super real hallucinations.

Plus, there’s this chill body vibe that’s just the right amount of relaxing.

Using Makilla Gorilla for Fun

Makilla Gorilla is not for newbies. They’re super strong. If you’re not careful, you might trip harder than you want to. Just remember to start slow.

If you do it right, you’ll feel awesome vibes with everyone and everything. So, maybe take them on a day out in nature or just chill at home.

Always play it safe, though. Never drive or do anything risky after having shrooms. And if you’re going out, pack enough snacks and drinks since these trips can last a while.

Going Deep with Makilla Gorilla

A lot of folks are exploring the deeper, spiritual side of magic mushrooms. A trip can sometimes bring up old memories, help you feel more peaceful, or even boost your mood. And there’s science to back some of these claims up.

But, going on a spiritual trip needs planning. It’s not just about eating a bunch of shrooms and waiting. Setting, mindset, and preparation matter a lot.

If you’re up for it, Makilla Gorilla is your go-to. It’s super powerful, and its effects can help you explore the depths of your mind.

How Much Should You Take?

Makilla Gorilla is STRONG. Even if you’ve had shrooms before, go easy with this one. Newbies should start with small amounts.

Here’s a basic guide:

Micro Dose (0.1g-0.4g): This is a tiny amount of mushrooms that you might not even really feel.

Feel light and calm, and you might notice you’re thinking clearer, feeling more creative, and have more energy. Your mood might get better, and you’ll see the bright side of things more. Taking small amounts of Makilla Gorilla Mushrooms can help handle stress and anxiety and fight off feeling tired or worn out.

Light Dose – 0.5g – 1g:

With this amount of dried Makilla Gorilla mushrooms, it kind of feels like when people get high on weed. Music sounds way better, hanging out with friends feels more fun, and you might feel more chilled out. You might see or hear things a little differently, making everything seem more interesting.

Beginner’s Dose 1g – 2g:

If you’re new and want to really feel something, this is the dose. You’ll start seeing things, like cool patterns or brighter colours. Things might seem shiny or wavy. An hour could feel way longer than it really is.

Intense Dose 3g +:

Get ready for a wild ride. You’ll see a ton of colors and shapes like you’re looking through one of those twisty-kaleidoscope things. Things might get super blurry, and you might see stuff that’s not really there. Time might feel like it’s stopped. This is a lot, so it’s best for people who know what they’re doing.

Super Intense Dose 4g +:

This is like diving deep underwater where everything is unknown. You’ll see and feel things in a crazy intense way, and you might forget where or who you are for a bit. What you feel during this can stick with you even after it’s over.

How Much to Take –

When trying magic mushrooms, always follow the dose info and start small to see how it affects you. Remember, how mushrooms work can be different for everyone.

For first-timers, stick to one gram or less. Most people find 1.5 to 2.5 grams is enough for a good trip. Over 3.5 grams? Brace yourself for a wild ride.


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